Welcome Team Maikal X

Welcome to Team Maikal X
Here's where you will be informed about the Maikal X experience.
When i'm on the road or in the studio basically anything concerning my grind.
Also all the cool stuff I might stumble upon, music or artists or art I want people to know about.
So take a look around read some of my pieces and leave a comment.

zondag 26 september 2010

Summer Dunn HMH/Jamrock Weekend

The weekend was good, did a show at the Amsterdam Reggae Festival which was maaaaddd.Big up all the people that came out. Shout out to my brotha Lyrical and the Evolution Band.
Ater the festival it was straight to Jamrock Explosion which was just as nice huge crowd.Heard the was madness at the door...Paradiso OH!!
Anyway Big up Robbo RanX for coming down and shout out to Word on Road TV.........Ps Cop the Album Genesis http://itunes.apple.com/nl/album/genesis/id369172009 

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